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Z & Y Restaurant, Authentic Chinese Cuisine

In Chinatown, San Francisco, there is a place called Z & Y Restaurant where traditional authentic Chinese food makes a presence in your heart. Our Chinese food restaurant features one of the most delicious menus in San Francisco.

Chef Han

Chef Han is a worldwide acclaimed chef that requires very little introduction to the most distinguished men and women in China. Chef Han uses new approaches to traditional Chinese dishes and adds a new flavor of texture and experience. The cuisine features both spicy Schezuan favorites as well as Northern Chinese classics.

Chef Han is an executive chef that has years of culinary expertise. He blends Western and Eastern tastes using his extensive knowledge of culinary cuisine. When Chef Han prepares food, it is made with fresh ingredients and natural flavors. His ability to incorporate different flavors will have you desiring for more.

The Best Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco Chinatown

Our guests agree, Z & Y restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant in San Francisco Chinatown. Our staff provides excellent service and immediate attention to our guests. Z & Y Restaurant has attracted famous people from all over the world including, the President of the United States to the Vice President and Foreign Ministers of The People's Republic of China.

Z & Y Restaurant offers excellent service and mouth watering food that will have you quickly planning your next trip back! We invite you to experience our amazing service and culinary cuisine of Z & Y Restaurant first hand. We are conveniently located in San Francisco Chinatown at 655 Jackson Street San Francisco, California 94133. Contact us at (415) 981-8988 to make a your reservation today.

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